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Visit a unique family business and discover Australia’s first and only edible pumpkin seed producers. Experience the artisan oils including Hazelnut, Walnut and Pumpkin Seed Oils produced from their 17th century style oil press. Visitors will experience a paddock to product guided tasting when visiting our stall.

Once upon a time, back in 1940, a boy (John) was born in the Styrian realm of Slovenia and grew up on a farm that, with may other crops, grew a special type of pumpkin. The pumpkin was unique because it had very big, very dark green seeds. The boy would take the special seeds from the pumpkin and with his trusty horse and cart, take them to the local pumpkin seed oil factory that had been established in 1750, almost 200 years before he was born. There he would exchange the seeds for the precious dark green Styrian Pumpkin Seed oil they produced. It was well known for its medicinal purposes through the ages, as well as its great flavour. The boy and his family used it abundantly on a great variety of salads all throughout the following year.

Half way around the other side of the world, a girl (Helen) was born in Swaziland. Not knowing anything about pumpkin seed oil, she had to wait until her parents moved to Australia, a few years to pass by, to meet a handsome young man from Slovenia (who had changed his name to John West) and together they searched the shops far and wide, before she was able to try the deliciously nutty flavour of Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil.

After a number of years of experiences, including marriage and 2 daughters (Viki and Sharan), the family of four traveled to Slovenia in 1998 and brought back some of the special pumpkin seeds to grow on the family farm. It was a great surprise when they grew and grew and seemed to love the Aussie life-style.

One day, while sipping ice-cold drinks on the verandah, with a cool breeze blowing, the 2 girls suggested making enough pumpkin seed oil to help men with prostate problems in all of Australia, for that is what it was particularly known for. It was agreed by all that the quality of the small quantity of oil from a screw press just did not cut it and the only way to get ‘the good stuff’ was to do it properly in the traditional way. Without another thought, all plans of retirement for the parents were squashed, with a lot of seeds, in the idea of a very big hydraulic press. The new venture was started and a company was officially formed in 2002.

Jumping in feet first, there was much to do. Two years were spent building a very big hydraulic press, other equipment and traveling back to the ‘homeland’ of Slovenia to learn and be trained by the traditional masters of the press. You may think that to get the oil out of a whole lot of pumpkin seeds is easy, but it is actually a very technical process. To get the robust flavour and high nutrient quality the family desired, takes a lot of skill and patience.

After some trials, errors, successes and unstoppable passion, the first traditionally cold pressed, totally Australian Pumpkin Seed Oil was sold at a farmers market on 25th April, 2004. Now the response from the local community was encouraging to say the least and so life for the family of four was to be changed forever.

Now very soon after the pumpkin seed oil, came a variety of pumpkin seed products. The chocolate coated ones were just melting in peoples mouths and the word of pumpkin seeds began to spread all across the land.

The big plans of the company and small factory needed to expand to now include the ‘Grand Plans’ for the future. The company became the Australian Pumpkin Seed Company and a new look was born, along with the idea to build a whole industry to support farmers and city folk alike with work and wonderful food.

To see the outcome of Aussie dedication to pumpkin seeds, taste the wonderful flavours and be delighted by the versatility and wealth of nutrients please visit browse this website. With the amazing products, business building and much support, they all lived happily ever after…

You may think that this is ‘The End’ of our story, but wait, the story does continue, there is still much more to come.

With many more joining us on our road to health and vitality, seeing our vision of a pumpkin seed industry in Australia, there is a bright and busy future to tell. Help us spread the word of Aussie pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil as there are great plans in development and we would like to invite you to join us on our journey. To be continued……

Our Intention is to inspire people to feel good by supporting their physical/mental health & quality of life with excellent, naturally produced food, with a focus on disease prevention.

Our Mission is to supply a consistently superior quality product, service and education. Our information will be given in a helpful, friendly, caring manner.

We are committed to ensuring that our business is ecologically and economically sustainable.




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