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We are Primary Producer Proud and believe our producers are the heroes of the show. It is our vision to complement a regional farmers market circuit in North East Victoria that promotes and distributes locally grown agricultural produce and a diverse range of quality food products.

We are a VFMA accredited farmers market to ensure our visitors have access to a genuine local food system that supports our region. To become an accredited producer is simple and inexpensive and you can find out more HERE.

If you are interested in participating in our market please fill in the registration form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

We still have space for stallholders with fresh vegetables and honey.

Coffee vendors, cake stalls, eggs, nuts, apples, pasta or condiments registrations will be placed on a wait list subject to a site becoming available




Stallholder Registration Form

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If your registration is accepted the information that we gather in this registration form will also go towards your producer profile on this website.

If your registration is accepted you will also need to email us a couple of images for your producer profile (minimum of 1000px wide).

Producer Information

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Product Information

Please clearly list your products in a manner that lets us understand the focus of your business. List more important items first, and indicate a % if that may help us. For Example - "Fresh Strawberries (90%), jam (10%). if there is not enough space here. please attach document using the attach function below. (please ensure that each page of the attached document contains your name). Be as specific as possible Eg tomatoes, capsicums, eggplants, rather than general terms such as vegetables or sauces.
Is there anything about your products that you would like to highlight?. For Example - organic certification, grass fed, free range or anything that is unusual/unique

Stall Information

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