Terms & Conditions


Regional producers and value adders who grow and manufacture within 100km of Myrtleford are eligible to attend. Where no product is available from within the region then the perimeter may be extended at the discretion of the market organisers.

New trading opportunities exist and TAFCO will assist non-accredited stallholders with their VFMA application. Once a strong complement of existing stallholders are established new trading opportunities may be limited. When considering new stallholders preference will be given to primary producers, local applicants and those with VFMA accreditation.

Applications by small Stallholders with a limited opportunity of selling produce due to seasonal harvest times, can apply for VFMA exemption at the market and must contact the Market

Co-ordinator to discuss their eligibility to attend the market.


To ensure a sustainable market the vendor mix will be limited to no more than two vendors with the same product offering at any one market. VFMA accredited Stallholders will make up at least 75% of the total vendors on site and will be open to product audits. The vendor mix will be determined by the Market Steering Committee.

  1. All prospective Stallholders are required to submit an application at least one month in advance for consideration and may book sites for up to 12 months.
  1. Stallholders will be notified within one month upon acceptance or rejection of the Stallholders application.
  1. A Tax Invoice will be issued at the beginning of the month for payment prior to the market – no cash will be accepted on market days.
  1. VFMA accreditation does not guarantee all accredited produce can be sold at the market.


Participation in the Myrtleford Farmers’ Market is subject to your acceptance by the organisers and your agreement to the following terms and conditions.

Markets will operate in varying weather conditions and stallholders must be prepared for adverse weather. We value primary producers who work in rain hail or shine and this reflects on our market motto.

  • Stallholders may pack up their stall due to adverse weather conditions but may not move unless permission is given by the Markets Co-ordinator.
  • No refunds/credits are given for the cancellation of markets due to adverse weather conditions, by the Stallholder and/or will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever resulting from adverse weather conditions.

All VFMA members have agreed to support the purpose of the VFMA and are bound by its Rules of Association and the Accreditation Handbook. All stallholders at the market are also expected to behave in a co-operative manner. Co-operative behaviour includes:

  • Refraining from any aggressive, discriminatory or inappropriate behaviour towards VFMA staff, market managers, other stallholders and customers;
  • Adhering to OH&S standards for safety;
  • Following the direction of market co-ordinator, including in relation to the goods that may be sold at their particular market;
  • Seeking the permission of the market co-ordinator before bringing newly-accredited products to market;
  • Respect for Myrtleford retailers.


You MUST comply with relevant State Government and Alpine Shire Council requirements. All food vendors are required to be registered under the state-wide single registration and notification scheme known as Streatrader. Full details are available HERE

Streatrader allows businesses and community groups that sell food from stalls and vans to make a registration application, lodge a notification or Statement of Trade, manage information and pay fees online to their principal council.

You should submit your registration/notification through Streatrader at least 21 days before the event. You MUST “notify” Alpine Shire Council (also through Streatrader) of your intention to trade at least 5 days before the event.

Any queries: please contact your principal council or Alpine Shire Council Environmental Health Department on 03 57550555. Any payment required by Council is additional to your site fee.


We reserve the right to decline any application, in which case fees will be refunded in full. In the event of the market being cancelled by the Markets Co-ordinator prior to market day fees paid will be credited in full. Should the market be terminated early for any reason fees will not be refunded. This is an all weather market and will operate as such.

TAFCO Rural Supplies is registered for gst and site fees are inclusive of 10% gst and VFMA levy.


Our basic site is 3 X 3 metres. If you require additional space an additional fee(s) is payable.

Accurate dimensions must be provided.


Site allocation is at the sole and total discretion of the Market Co-ordinator.


Stallholders must provide their own covers and stall set-up which must be good in presentation.

Management do not provide or hire out any stall equipment, they only provide site area.

All stall equipment including racks, tables, signage etc must be contained to the stall site boundaries. Public access ways must be clear at all times.

Alpine Shire Council has forbidden the use of tent pegs due to possible damage to underground irrigation lines. Tents should be weighted down appropriately with sand bags or the like.

Tents, covers and all stall equipment must be erected securely and weighted or secured at all times. All equipment must be in good repair and be operated in a safe manner.


Resellers are not permitted to trade at the Myrtleford Farmers’ Market. It is important that you accurately specify the nature of your stall and the types of product to be sold. Stallholders contravening this requirement or failing to accurately describe their products may have their trading terminated and forfeit their payment.

If you have photos of your stall or product items, please attach to the application form.


Powered sites are limited and strict conditions apply to their use. It is stallholders responsibility to ensure that your leads and equipment are safe and comply with relevant regulations. Leads must be rated at 10 amps and be accompanied by a current compliance tag issued by an accredited tester. Equipment not meeting safety requirements will be disconnected at the sole discretion of our representative. The organisers do not accept responsibility for the consequences of any power failures or disconnection. Leads must not create a trip hazard or overhead hazard.


The organisers reserve the right to remove any stallholder who does not comply with the checklist for use of LPG at public events as listed on the Energy Safe Victoria website. Cylinders are to be stamped, tagged and stored properly to current standards. For further information please go to www.esv.vic.gov.au


Please minimise waste and use recycled and/or recyclable packaging and materials. Stallholders selling packaged or wrapped food to the public are required to provide a bin for public use.

  • Stallholders should store and at the end of trading remove all
  • Waste must be stored in a manner that deters flies and wasps (e.g. sealed plastic bags).
  • Sites and surrounds must be kept clean during the day and left fully clean at the end of the day.



Staff will be on site to guide you to your site from 6.30a.m. Stallholders are required to remove vehicles by 7.45am- unless they are an agreed component of your site booking. No vehicles will be permitted on grassed areas.  A dedicated stallholder unloading area has been designated along the Great Alpine Road and Clyde Street for easy access to the Piazza.

Late arrivals will not be allowed entry to the Market and will forfeit their payment.

Stallholders are required to take great care when driving on the market site and to limit their speed to walking pace. Vehicle movement is prohibited from 8.00 am until 12.30 pm or until the public have vacated the site and it is safe to do so. Vehicles other than those approved as necessary for trading will not be allowed to park or remain on the market site.  Ample parking is available for stallholders in close proximity to the market – All day parking is available in Smith, Rayner & Elgin Streets (including along the Rail Trail adjacent to Coles Carpark) and Dart Park (adjacent the Myrtleford Lawn Tennis Courts)


Participation may be terminated without compensation: if our Terms and Conditions are contravened; if safety is compromised in any way; or for any other reason nominated by the Market Co-ordinator.


All stallholders are requires to provide a Certificate of Currency for Public and Products Liability to the amount of $10 million dollars.


TAFCO Rural Supplies as operators of the Myrtleford Farmers’ Market and its representatives will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to person or property howsoever caused including the negligence of TAFCO Rural Supplies or its representatives or agents and including loss or damage arising out of weather conditions or the cancellation of the event.


Formal grievances on any matters relating to the Terms and Conditions or Vendor Mix of the Myrtleford Farmers Market must be lodged in writing to the Steering Committee who are appointed by the TAFCO Board of Directors –

email to:   admin@myrtlefordfarmersmarket.com.au

or post it to: The Myrtleford Farmers Market Steering Committee, PO Box 277, Myrtleford 3737

Complaint Process

All complaints by customers, stallholder applicants or stallholders are to be made in the first instance to the Market Co-ordinator.

The Market Co-ordinator will investigate all complaints (except those in relation to the Market co-ordinator) informally and will endeavor to resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of the complainant and the Market Co-ordinator in a timely manner.

Should complaints not be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant and Market Co-ordinator a formal, written complaint, can be made by the complainant to:

The Steering Committee : Myrtleford Myrtleford Farmers Market by post or email:

email to:              admin@myrtlefordfarmersmarket.com.au
or post it to:        The Myrtleford Farmers Market Steering Committee, PO Box 277, Myrtleford 3737

The Steering Committee will respond within 30 days of receipt of a grievance and no further correspondence may be entered into